Open bite testimonial, Sergio

Sergio came to the Birbe Clinic referred from his orthodontist with open bite. Sergio was treated with orthodontics when he was a teenager but the condition returned over the years, as it was not only dental but also skeletal. Sergio
Patient assessment: 5stars

Mandibular prognathism, Jordi

Jordi had been to another clinic to treat his mandibular prognathism but he didn’t have a good feeling about the solution they proposed and he came to the Birbe Clinic in search of a better option. Dr Birbe studied his case and proposed the best solution for him… Jordi
Patient assessment: 5stars

Zygomatic implants, María

María had very little bone on her jaw. She had been treated at other clinics with implants on the upper jaw but she lost all of the ones on one side and her implant wasn’t stable and broke… María
Patient assessment: 5stars

Open bite, Eva

Eva’s teeth didn’t touch when she closed her mouth. She had an open bite that meant she couldn’t use her front teeth, as only her back 2 teeth touched. This problem is due to excess growth of the posterior jawbone, which means the back teeth make contact first and stop the front ones from doing so…. Eva
Patient assessment: 5stars

Class III bimaxillary orthognathic surgery, Cristina

After a long pilgrimage, visiting clinics, hospitals and numerous specialists for years and years, none of which I felt I could trust, I finally found the right clinic and had my surgery on 14 April 2011. Birbe Clinic.
I especially want to thank Dr Birbe for his personalised care, great dedication and professionalism. For his passion and for giving me back the confidence I had lost… Cristina
Patient assessment: 5stars