Digital Smile Design (DSD)

The importance of a result simulation of aesthetic dental treatment before starting it.
That allows to treatment plan following patient desires and expectations the aesthetic dental treatment.

Nowadays in modern dentistry, and especially in dental aesthetics, one of the most important barriers we must overcome is communication with the patient to ensure correct understanding.

We no longer live in those times when there was only one doctor who treated you and told you what had to be done. Nowadays, in an oral rehabilitation, different specialists are involved (surgeon, prosthodontist, orthodontist, laboratory technician …). We know how to recognize the needs of each person, in order to clearly convey the process to be carried out, the possible limitations of each case and the goals we need to achieve.

It is not easy to explain all this information in a single appointment by just explaining. For this reason Digital Smile Design (DSD) was born. “An image is better than 1000 words.”

Smile Design: visualization proposed result in mouth

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

The DSD is a tool that allows the patient and the oral rehabilitation team to:

Recognize and analyze the aspects to be improved

Set the objectives of the treatment with the patient

Visualize the final result (simulation) and discuss it. The patient can participate in the decisions and parameters like color, proportions, teeth size can be customized according to patient desires​!

We can ​modify the necessary simulation as many ​times as needed ​until we reach ​the desired final result. And all this ​before starting the treatment.

The DSD is especially useful in cases of dental aesthetics, where every detail is important. It is an essential analysis and communication tool that assures us that nothing is left to chance.

How do we do a Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

We need 2 appointments, for a​ smile design. ​

T​hey are very simple, not invasive.

The first is an​ interview with our specialist in Oral and Aesthetic Rehabilitation. In it you will discuss your expectations and motivations, will guide you on the type of treatment you may need; and then we ​will be do a ​photo session and impression taking. This information will help the rehabilitation team design your future smile and prepare the simulation.

​I​n a second appointment ​you will see your personalized DSD, the ideal result we propose. You can visualize the change in two ways: in photography and in your own smile, with an aesthetic test called mock-up.​ 

This appointment is very important if any ​change is to be made. So that we ​agree with the final ​result all ​together.

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