Changing your nose: Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is an operation to change the shape or size of the nose. A nose job is one of the most common types of plastic surgery, as it has a huge impact on the patient’s appearance.

We strive for natural-looking results with this surgery.


Men and women over the age of 18 who want a more harmonious face, modifying the shape or size of their nose, or those who have suffered some sort of nasal trauma or have respiratory problems. Nowadays, the focus of a rhinoplasty is twofold: aesthetics and functionality. An attractive nose is important, but it also has to work perfectly.


At the first appointment, the surgeon will look at the skin, bone and cartilage structure of the nasal pyramid and how it works (how the patient breathes).

Depending on the patient’s needs, concerns and expectations, the surgeon will guide them in choosing the best technique and explain the potential results.

Surgical technique

The surgery is done in an operating room, normally with general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation.

A rhinoplasty normally lasts between one and two hours.

The procedure consists in making an incision to separate the bone from the cartilage and then making the desired changes. For most surgeries, the incisions are done inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty), cutting the mucous membrane a few millimetres around the openings.

In some cases, given the complexity of the surgery, the incisions have to be made outside of the nostrils (open rhinoplasty) with a small cut on the columella, which is the bit that separates the two nostrils. This area generally heals very well and in most cases the incisions can hardly be seen after a few weeks.

There are basically three areas to treat, depending on the needs of each patient: the bridge of the nose, which can be built up, filed down or made more narrow); the tip of the nose (alar cartilage) to give the nose the right projection, which is key to its appearance; and correcting the nasal septum to improve breathing and get cartilage that can be used, thanks to modern techniques, as a graft for the new dorsum and tip, with a totally natural look.


The patient will leave the operating room with a small plastic splint and nasal packing, which should last between two and four days.

Most of the obvious swelling will go down within the first two weeks. For the first week, patients have to wear a discrete nasal splint. This is a protective cover to keep the structure of the nose in place and avoid any possible impacts.

It is very important to do the recommended lymphatic drainage sessions in order to help reduce swelling. These must also be done by an expert technician. Our patients have drainage sessions scheduled from the third day after their surgery.

They can normally return to work within four to seven days, depending on the surgeon’s instructions and the type of work they do.

Precautions during the first month

  • Don’t go out in the sun.

  • We recommend using total sunblock.

  • Don’t do any strenuous activity.

  • Don’t rub your nose.

  • Avoid hitting your nose.

Results of the rhinoplasty

Caso rinoplastia


Caso rinoplastia


Cases with wide dorsum and bulbous tip

The patient wanted to modify the appearance of her nose, as it was too wide with a bulbous tip, not enough definition, incorrect angle to the lip and excessive projection with regards to her forehead, lips and chin.
A rhinoplasty was done to narrow the dorsum, define the tip, and correct nasal projection in line with the lips and chin. The results were satisfactory, as can be seen in the photos. Postoperative results after three weeks.

Patient that has had an open rhinoplasty

This picture shows the simulation done for the patient beforehand and the results of the operation. In this case, the corrections were to the dorsum, height, tip and projection. Our goal was to create a natural-looking, harmonious nose.

Testimonial rhinoplasty

After the operation I feel more sure of myself, my self-esteem has risen. Before I thought people were only looking at my nose but now I’m calm and happy with the results.

Caso rinoplastia


Caso rinoplastia


Frequently asked questions Rhinoplasty

I’m afraid of not recognising myself and feeling like I look strange

This is a common fear among patients before they make this decision. The changes to your nose are tiny, your nose will be more balanced but you will still be yourself, just a bit more beautiful.

Can I do sport?

For the first month after the surgery, we recommend not doing any type of sport that requires a lot of effort, as you will still have a bit of swelling. We also recommend patients avoid putting their heads under water, not diving into the pool or using scuba equipment.

How long will it take before I see the desired effects?

As soon as you leave the operating room you will notice a difference. However, because of the swelling, the final results may not be clear for a little while. After the first week, the bruising will have gone down and after a couple weeks the swelling will hardly be noticeable. The full process may take roughly six months. It is a slow, gradual progression.

I’m 16, can I have my nose done?

In general, the surgery can be done from 15 years on, but each patient is different and their development will determine whether or not it is advisable to have the surgery or wait a bit longer. We recommend setting up an appointment so we can look at your specific case.

During the operation

This operation generally lasts approximately one hour and a half, although it may be longer if the changes are more complex or shorter if only one nostril or the tip of the nose is affected.

After surgery

The patient must keep their nose covered for two days and make sure to rest calmly at home, without making any physical effort.

The first days

For the first two or three days, the swelling will be more or less visible and the surgeon will prescribe an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling.  It is also very helpful to apply a cold pack to the cheekbones. Bruising can often appear around the eyes and take between five and seven days to go away, depending on the intensity.

Why should I have the operation at the Birbe Clinic?


Our facilities were designed for optimal hygiene and sterilisation, and to ensure our patients’ comfort. We have an on-site scanner and operating room, with sedation and out-patient treatments

Quality, trust and experience

Our professional team is led by the world-renowned Dr Birbe, who is the only Spanish maxillofacial surgeon certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2001.

We are honest, when we recommend a treatment is always because we believe it is what is best for your health and wellbeing.


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