A combination of the following latest-generation treatments, after diagnosing the state of your skin and facial volume, can reverse the effects of ageing and give your skin back its elasticity, hydration and tone, replacing and restoring missing volume that creates shadows on your face and makes you look tired and prematurely aged.

All of the techniques below are applied on an out-patient basis with topical or local anaesthesia, are painless and allow you to return immediately to work or day-to-day activities.

Why should I have the operation at the Birbe Clinic?


We strive for excellence in care and service, all of which can be seen in our top-notch results


We are honest, when we recommend a treatment is always because we believe it is what is best for your health and wellbeing


Our facilities were designed for optimal hygiene and sterilisation, and to ensure our patients’ comfort. We have an on-site scanner and operating room, with sedation and out-patient treatments

Quality, trust and experience

Our professional team is led by the world-renowned Dr Birbe, who is the only Spanish maxillofacial surgeon certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2001

Personalised care

Dr Birbe will see you personally, you will have his mobile number before and after the operation.

Dr. Joan Birbe
Equipo Clínica Birbe

Contact us: Ease and options

At your first appointment, we explain the different treatments available and the best option for your specific situation. You will deal directly with Dr Birbe, one of the most world-renowned maxillofacial surgeons in Barcelona. You will get:

  • Personal diagnosis after oral and facial exploration
  • Firm quote, along with different financing options
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