Preprosthetic surgery

Preprosthetic surgery is required before putting in implants when the underlying bone doesn’t meet the conditions necessary to ensure the procedure will be a success.

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath diminishes in height and thickness as time goes on. This means that, if a long time passes before you decide to put in an implant, the jawbone may not have enough volume to hold the implant.

In these cases, the bone must be regenerated before putting in the implant.

We do bone grafts where volume is lacking. These grafts may be made of natural or synthetic bone. This novel technique allows people who before would have had to wear dentures to enjoy stable, comfortable dental implants, just as if they were natural teeth.

When you lose a tooth, the bone below also starts to be reabsorbed: bone atrophy is noticeable within three months of losing a tooth.

In these cases, Dr Birbe may find a bone that is too small and not good enough quality for the implants to be properly attached. This makes it necessary to use bone grafts and to raise the maxillary sinuses for proper osseointegration of the implants

Once the implants have a dental prosthesis loaded onto them, they will once again transmit the force from chewing to the bone, just like real roots, ensuring the underlying bone stays healthy.

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