What is orthognathic surgery?

It is the medical specialisation that puts the bones of the face into the best position for chewing and to create a well proportioned, attractive face.

Orthognathic surgery is operating on the bones of the face

What does orthognathic surgery achieve?

Orthognathic surgery gives the patient greater facial harmony than before, by moving the upper jaw, cheekbones and jawbone/chin to create a more attractive face with more classical anteroposterior and vertical proportions.

How does orthognathic surgery work?

Dr Birbe makes small incisions in the bones (osteotomies) in order to move them and later set them in the right position with tiny plates and screws (osteosynthesis), working in three dimensions so the bones provide the right framework and proper skeletal support for the soft tissue.

What is Orthognathic surgery like at the Birbe Clinic?

  • After a joint evaluation, you will receive a firm, personalised quote and information on payment methods and financing.

  • We work closely with our team of orthodontists so that you don’t have to go to several centres.

  • When the time comes to plan the surgery, we will agree on a date that suits you and do the virtual 3-D planning to create the surgical splints.

  • Our nursing team will be with you in the clinic and help you put on the cryotherapy facemask to minimise swelling.
  • In general, you will be able to go home the day after the surgery.

  • You can begin your physical therapy sessions between two and three days after the surgery.

  • One week after surgery, you will begin postoperative orthodontics.

What results can we expect from the treatment?

Orthognathic surgery can bring about huge changes in both function and appearance, giving many facially discordant patients back their smile and confidence, as well as restoring chewing function in cases with malocclusion.

Before orthognathic surgery

After orthognathic surgery


Conditions treated with orthognathic surgery

When a patient comes in with facial discordance, Dr Birbe analyses their face and smile to come up with the most appropriate surgical plan. Maxillofacial surgery, and specifically orthognathic surgery, is able to restore facial harmony and beauty to those with facial discordance and to highlight the natural beauty of normal patients by elevating aesthetic cannons of facial harmony (strong cheekbones, nose well positioned on the face, beautiful smile, etc.).

This may be due to a very long jawline, with the patient showing a lot of the upper gum when they smile (also known as “gummy smile” or “horsey smile”), to an excessively long chin (the patient is unable to put their lips together at rest) or to a large open bite (the patient can’t close their mouth because their teeth do not fit together).
This may be due to a very short jawline (the patient doesn’t show or shows very little of their upper teeth when smiling, which is a sign of ageing) or to a very short, recessed chin.
This may be due to a recessed chin or a cheekbone defect, or a combination of the two. Beautiful, balanced faces are somewhat convex in profile.
This may be due to a small jawline or an excessively small, recessed chin.

Cara corta

It looks like the individual has a very large jaw that sticks out, but in most cases it is the upper jaw that didn’t grow sufficiently, causing the middle third of the face to be sunken in and making it look prognathic, in which case we refer to mandibular prognathism.

Cara larga

What does orthognathic surgery treat? 

Conditions treated

  • Mandibular prognathism
  • Open bite
  • Narrow palate
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Gummy smile

Aesthetic changes

  • Lip appearance, position, volume and thickness

  • Greater definition of cheekbones, jawline, chin

  • Standardising facial proportions

  • Treating long or short faces

  • Treating large or small jaws

Functional changes

  • Proper chewing and swallowing

  • Improving joint health

  • Improving gum health

  • Less wear and tear on teeth

  • Efficient nose breathing

  • Stop snoring, cure sleep apnoea

Why should I have the operation at the Birbe Clinic?


We strive for excellence in care and service, all of which can be seen in our top-notch results


We are honest, when we recommend a treatment is always because we believe it is what is best for your health and wellbeing


Our facilities were designed for optimal hygiene and sterilisation, and to ensure our patients’ comfort. We have an on-site scanner and operating room, with sedation and out-patient treatments

Quality, trust and experience

Our professional team is led by the world-renowned Dr Birbe, who is the only maxillofacial surgeon certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2001

Personalised care

Dr Birbe will see you personally, you will have his mobile number before and after the operation.

Dr. Joan Birbe


What type of patients choose the Birbe Clinic?

Paciente Clínica Birbe
  • Those who believe their health is very important
  • People who don’t want to run the risk of low-cost treatments performed by inexperienced professionals
  • Those looking for respectful, honest care with absolute professional solvency and excellent quality for money
  • People who have had operations at other clinics and need to correct that treatment or, worse yet, repeat it
  • Those who believe their health is very important
  • People who want to be happy when they look in the mirror and know that this will make them more self-assured in life
  • Those who want to regain lost functions and improve their quality of life
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At your first appointment, we explain the different treatments available and the best option for your specific situation. You will deal directly with Dr Birbe, one of the most world-renowned maxillofacial surgeons in Barcelona. You will get:

  • Personal diagnosis after oral and facial exploration
  • Firm quote, along with different financing options
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