Comprehensive dentistry

How can you get a beautiful smile?

There are many dentistry techniques to restore and rehabilitate that allow us to create a beautiful smile. The key lies in choosing the right one for each situation and using the least “interventionist” procedures possible with the utmost care for your teeth. This wide range of treatments aimed at enhancing smiles includes: teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns, metal-free bridges, invisible orthodontics, etc. In this case, treatments that involve implants must also be designed to fit each individual situation and restore the natural appearance of lost teeth.

How do we care for your mouth?

Generally, problems of the mouth have different causes and there are normally several problems that coexist. In many cases, this means that treatment must involve several specialists in order to successfully resolve these issues. Here at the B I R B E Clinic, by practising different areas of dentistry (periodontology, endodontic therapy and dental operations, orthodontics, dental surgery and prostheses), we provide solutions to conditions of the gums, tooth pain, bone loss, missing teeth, improper tooth position, etc.



What happens at a first Smile Design appointment?

  • We first have a look to make sure that you don’t have any cavities, gum problems or other oral conditions that should be taken care of first.
  • Then we do a series of tests to study your case personally: x-rays, photos and moulds.
  • On the next visit, virtually with computer-aided design, we show you what the new-and-improved you will look like. This is what we call Smile Design.
  • If we go one step further, we can also include a cosmetic test on site. This means we do a totally reversible simulation on top of your teeth to allow you to see what your new smile will look like. This test is called a mock up.

One problem… several solutions. Which one will you choose?

Here at the B I R B E Clinic, we offer a comprehensive assessment of all of your problems, both maxillofacial and oral. On your first appointment with us, we will always ask what you are most concerned about and which issue you want to give top priority. If it is a matter of finding a comprehensive solution, we recommend our complete study, which generally requires 3 basic diagnostic tests: photographs, x-rays and mouth moulds. After this study, we will arrange a second appointment to explain the results and guide you through the different treatment options, with their pros and cons.

 Photos before and after aesthetic dental treatment. Smile Design.

Why should I trust my smile to the specialists at the Birbe Clinic?

  • Predictable results. Cosmetic dentistry treatments are completely personalised to meet each patient’s expectations. The mock up test we do before starting treatment is an extremely valuable tool to establish the desired results together beforehand, so you aren’t in for any surprises.

  • Dazzlingly natural looking.
  • Quality, trust and experience. Our lab and dental ceramics technicians are an extremely important part of our day-to-day work and our success. We only trust our patients’ treatments to authorised laboratories with the absolute best quality and aesthetics.

  • Our team will work with you personally to make the most of your smile…

What are our comprehensive dentistry treatments?

The specialists available through the Birbe Clinic and the medical team that provides treatment ensure maximum expertise for optimal results, with the advantage of coordinated treatment from beginning to end. We are currently one of the few centres in Spain with a comprehensive approach to surgical treatment and aesthetic rehabilitation of the face and mouth.

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Contact us: Ease and options

At your first appointment, we explain the different treatments available and the best option for your specific situation. You will deal directly with Dr Birbe, one of the most world-renowned maxillofacial surgeons in Barcelona. You will get:

  • Personal diagnosis after oral and facial exploration
  • Firm quote, along with different financing options
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