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Zygomatic implants


The zygomatic implants are dental implants with an anchoring distant in respect with the ridge zone where the teeth get out. They are anchored to the cheekbone, that is not subjected to the bone reabsortion [...]



Birbe's Clinic wants to offer you information about the dental porcelain micro veneers. To have an attractive and perfect smile despite having misaligned, damaged, or dark teeth the ideal aesthetic treatment can be the veneers. [...]

Advancement genioplasty


Advancement genioplasty is a small intervention that is done through a small incision inside the mouth, at the level of the inferior lip. Surgery and planning of genioplasty It is done with local anesthesia and intravenous [...]

Orthognatic Surgery: risks


If this sentence is going through your head: "I will undergo an orthognathic surgery and I want to know the risks there are" Well, let's start by talking about the risks when it comes to [...]

The most frequent signs of bruxism


One of the most common pathologies among patients and at the same time least diagnosed is bruxism, therefore today we want to inform people about what they are most common signs that can alert us [...]

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