More than 10,000 happy patients back us up

The Birbe Clinic is a national and international benchmark, with a renowned history in the sector.

A benchmark medical team

led by Dr Birbe

Excellence in treatment is our top priority. To do so, we have benchmark doctors in each speciality that work together in a multidisciplinary team.

Doctor Birbe en una cirugía

Multidisciplinary treatment: the advantage of comprehensive treatment

The treatment protocol at the Birbe Clinic consists in providing a comprehensive solution to each patient’s problem or need through combined treatments by several experts to ensure the best possible results.

Avada Admin

The medical specialisation that puts the bones of the face into the best position for chewing and to create an attractive face.

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Regain proper chewing function and get a natural, attractive smile.

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A successful facial cosmetic surgery is the result of good understanding between the patient and surgeon.

Operacion Maxilofacial

Maxillofacial surgery is the speciality that treats problems of the mouth, face and neck.

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Enjoy a healthy, functional mouth with attractive teeth and gums at any age.


The speciality that corrects improper position of teeth for proper function and a more aesthetic mouth.


Prevent and solve periodontal diseases to improve quality of life.

Protesis dental

We use dental prostheses to restore one or more teeth, while also improving the aesthetics of the face.

For us, our patients are our number-one priority

We are fully devoted to achieving excellence in treatment. Personalised treatment, honesty, trust and facilities designed to ensure the highest quality of hygiene, sterilisation and comfort.
See what our patients have to say about us!

Jordi – Orthognathic surgery patient

“I’m totally satisfied, and I’m not even done yet… I’m very happy with how fast it has been, how effective and because when you need something done it should be done quickly and directly, you can’t worry about the process, just focus on the result. I’m very satisfied with how everything has gone”

María – Zygomatic implant patient

“I had a lot of problems with my mouth, I had had some implants that didn’t work out well, and then I discovered the Birbe Clinic… I’m so thankful for their kindness, for Dr Manresa and the whole team. I’m very happy and I have beautiful teeth, don’t I?… My level of satisfaction? 100, I can’t say anything more, it’s all been said.”

Eva – Open bite patient

“I had an orthognathic surgery, for open bite, and … it went quite well. The postoperative period was very good, I didn’t even have any bruising. Now I can smile and I am so, so happy.”

Our clinic is designed with quality treatment and patient comfort in mind

Two comfortable waiting rooms to ensure patient privacy. Surgical and x-ray facilities on site. Absolute sterilisation to ensure patient safety.

We’ve told you a bit about why you can trust us, but there’s more

  • Specialisation

  • Quality service

  • Experience

  • Equipment and technology

  • Honesty

  • Benchmarks in the sector

  • Latest-generation biotechnology facilities

  • Customer service in four languages

  • Great location

  • Pre- and post-treatment information

  • Access to Dr Birbe’s personal mobile

  • Multidisciplinary coordination among our experts

We’d like to introduce you to Dr Birbe, the man who makes all of this possible

Extraordinary Undergraduate Award in Medicine 1991. Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona “Cum Laude” 1997. Only Spanish maxillofacial surgeon certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2001.

Equipo Clínica Birbe

Contact us: Ease and options

At your first appointment, we explain the different treatments available and the best option for your specific situation. You will deal directly with Dr Birbe, one of the most world-renowned maxillofacial surgeons in Barcelona. You will get:

  • Personal diagnosis after oral and facial exploration
  • Firm quote, along with different financing options
Sala Clínica Birbe

Why the Birbe Clinic?

What do our patients have to say about us?

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