Barcelona Orthodontic Meeting 2014

BOM 2014: Complete success and participation record with more than 300 inscriptions.


The past 13th-15th February the BOM took place at the COEC, organised in this edition with the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Catalan-Balearic Society (SCBMO). The presidents, Dr Joan Birbe and Dr Ana Molina, desgined a very full programm orientated towards the surgical treatments.

On Thursday, Dr Willian R.Proffit, eminence and pioneer in surgical orthodontics taught a pre-congress course, analising the actual impact of the proof of the diagnose through image, giving special importance to the colour maping as well as the most modern shape of analising 3D superpositions. Aspects of the advance in the modern surgery were also discussed, along with severe growth impairment, and limits surgery.

On Friday, the sessions were dedicated to the interdisciplinary treatments, counting with the presence of Drs Colmenero, Dr Marina Población, Dr Espinar and Dr Jorge Calvo de Mora. The session of the afternoon was dedicated to the transverse discrepancies, and counted with the participation of Dr Perex Verela, Dr Ignacio Blasi, Dr Guijarro and Dr Sanmiguel.


Last of all, on Saturday, Dr Rafaele Espena and DR David Gargamese did a synthesis of indications and limitations of corticotomies.

In the afternoon it took place the symposium, that was destinated to assistants and hygienists.


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